Juniors Swing Dance Competitions 2021. Online edition
Date: 27th of February 2021
Lindy Hop , Solo Jazz , Charleston and Boogie Woogie and more
3 age groups!
Juniors1( 4 - 7 years old).
Juniors2 ( 8 - 11 years old).
Juniors3 ( 12-17 years old).
International Judges and dancers!
For more info do not hesitate to contact: alevtina.a@gmail.com
Registration starts 15th of January!

Wedding dance
Dance for kids
West Coast Swing
African-American couple dance with the music of swing era. At the time, he incorporated the features of the Charleston, Tap, jazz and other dances that existed simultaneously. Now the Lindy Hop absorb new trends and directions in the spirit of freedom, openness, and entertainment. As before Lindy Hop dancing all - men and women, young and old, black and white, and now everyone can dance the Lindy Hop with any partner, in any place, where it plays swing, the main thing in this dance - feeling the music inside , improvisation and fun!

Legend links the origin of the name from the well-known at the time the club "Savoy" ("Savoy Ballroom") in Harlem (one of the boroughs of New York City). All night there is a dance marathon lasted dedicated flight of Charles Lindbergh. Dancers in this marathon jumped and "flew", inspired by the music, and the next day the headlines were filled with a combination of the words "LINDY HOP!"

In 50 years of dance was gradually forgotten as jazz during the war gradually lost its popularity and gave way to such music as boogie-woogie.

In the 80s the Lindy Hop was revived by American, Swedish and British dancers, in particular, the patriarch of the Lindy Hop Frankie Manning. Currently, the school Lindy Hop exist in many countries, including in Ukraine. Also hosts various competitions, festivals and dance camps, where eminent teacher of the world pass on their knowledge to younger generations of lindyhopers.